Monday, June 14, 2010


Obama Compares Gulf Situation to 9/11

Barry is right about one thing, even if it does enrage the families of those killed at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in Shanksville -- both operations were carried out by our own government.

And I haven't been clear on this next point, so I'll try to state it definitively. Soetoro would not be in the loop, not be given the knowledge of the operation if indeed, as I suspect, our government, a foreign government or private agents in the employ of the globalists blew the well on purpose. They would have no reason to let him in, and for the purpose of plausible deniability they necessarily would not do so.

Barry takes his orders and carries them out without question, just like a soldier. However, unlike a soldier who is not required to carry out unlawful orders, Soetoro will carry out any order, since he cares nothing for our laws and traditions. So he's on his two-day show trip to the Gulf, and he'll make a bunch of speeches and pose for many photos with very concerned and saddened looks on his face, then Wednesday he'll meet with the president of BP. And then he'll continue to offer no real solutions and to go on preventing any meaningful action to mediate the crisis.

And the Gulf will die a little bit more every day, and the people will lose a bit more of their savings, and the globalists will be a bit more satisfied. If Barry Hussein Soetoro had even a bit of human decency he would either refuse his orders or resign, whichever would be less damaging to his legacy, but sociopaths have none. That's one of the reasons they chose to install him in our White House. And it is ours, not his, and certainly not that of the offshore criminal banking syndicate that has usurped it.

We're taking it back from you in 2012, Barry, if the country is still even here...

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