Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cracking Up

BP Aware of Cracked Well Two Months Before Explosion

Yes, the official story of what happened at the Deepwater Horizon is cracking up very rapidly, even in the mainstream media. No one of us regular citizens, "small people" in the parlance of BP's chairman, knows exactly what happened, who is responsible or who the precise actors were. But it is obvious to everyone, even to the normally-drooling lapdogs at MSLSD and the Clinton News Network, that we are being lied to by both BP and the Soetoro administration. To call it that is to give them too much credit -- it's more like a defenestration.

BP knew months before the explosion on the rig they leased from TransOcean that the well had problems, yet they did nothing to fix the situation. Instead they ordered their operatives to speed up their deadlines, to barrel ahead at full speed in order to cause this disaster. They did everything they could to cause the explosion, including not letting the cement pumped into the base of the well set, which would have taken less than 24 hours, admitted by them. They declined to install the industry standard emergency safety device of last resort that the media say costs around only $500,000. They pulled the Deepwater Horizon's engineer in charge of the well operations the day of their operation, replacing him with someone who had no experience on the rig.

You don't have to believe the wilder conspiracy theories, like the reports from some onboard the rig that a team of Blackwater SEAL-type agents was on the rig that day planting explosives, or the reports from the Russian navy that a North Korean ship was spotted in the region releasing a mini-sub which proceeded in the direction of Deepwater Horizon in the hours preceding the explosion. These are probably both untrue. They don't need to be to damn BP. For a crime of inaction can result in the same damage as a crime of direct action. It is not a theory, but reported widely in the lamestream media that unknown, unaccounted-for, unauthorized alterations were made to the safety devices at the wellhead in the days before the rig blew. That alone is proof of guilt. That's in BP's own records.

Whether, like Lindsey Williams says, this was an unforeseen accident or whether the explosion and oil geyser were planned and executed surgically, BP and our government are colluding, using the situation to push for the carbon tax which will result in billions of dollars of contracts for BP, G.E. and many other favorite corporate cronies over the next 50 years. BP will lose tens or hundreds of billions of dollars in the short term, but will stand to gain trillions stolen out of your wallets and purses in the long term. And Soetoro and his eco-fascist rabble will finally be able to control your energy usage. For the planet, of course. Not for their own power aggregation, and certainly not for corporate coffers.

And while America is distracted by all of this, the globalists are gearing up for war with Iran and North Korea. Alex Jones doesn't think, as I do, that this is designed for widespread devastation of the Gulf and East coasts, but as a head fake to take peoples' eyes off of their gearing up for World War III. I think it's both. They always like to get multiple rewards for their operations. I think it will kill the Gulf states' economies for years, will destroy fishing and shrimping for decades, and will result in higher cancer rates and some direct deaths, once the full effect of the Corexit 9500 and its benzene and hydrogen sulfide have come to bear. And if the just right mixture of public anger and action should form, FEMA will sweep in to perform the beta test of widespread evacuation and encampment that they've been waiting to try ever since they blew up the World Trade towers.

We are living in very interesting, historic, dangerous times.

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