Friday, June 18, 2010


17 Afghans With Top Secret Credentials AWOL From Texas Base

I'll tell you right now that this is a smoking gun, and that's before the globalists fire it. So these Afghani military guys were given clearance to all our secret installations, and 17 have gone missing. That's bad enough, but here's the line they slipped in the middle of the story hoping you wouldn't think for a second about:

Not all at once did this happen. It started two years ago, and one or a couple at a time the operatives went underground until the last one did, three months ago. Why did we not hear anything about this after the first one? Why did the globalists activate their seventeenth operative and we hear nothing for three months?

Because this clearly is part of an operation. I have no other information on what their mission may be. Given the level of clearance they were given, it may be that they are here to smuggle nuclear weapons out, as the globalists tried to do a couple of years ago with the "missing" nukes from Minot AFB.

Everyone owes it to themselves to read this overview of that operation, where two nuclear weapons went "missing" (stolen) for two days, the magically were found when patriotic military personnel leaked the tale of the theft to the media. They almost got away with it. And to make sure that the real story didn't get out, at least seven of the crewmen from that flight died under mysterious circumstances, i.e. were killed in order to prevent them from talking. Here is the Sunday Times article from October of 2007 if you don't want to read the story from a conspiracy-oriented web site.

Time will tell what these Afghans are to do here, or do to us.

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