Monday, June 14, 2010


Saturday Night Live Sketch of Obama Speech

Watch this. It is funny, yes, but it is typical of the type of predictive programming the globalists love. Everyone in the audience laughs when the guy doing a bad job of imitating Soetoro talks about choosing which member of your household to kill so that the rest can live, under the new Socialist health scare deform law. And just before that when the fake Soetoro says that care will be denied to people who Obama. And everyone laughs when he talks about taking all your guns away.

This type of programming is bought and paid for, literally, by the government. It has been for decades but G.W. ramped it up and Soetoro has taken it to Ludicrous Speed. I'm a bit disappointed in Lorne Greene, as I thought he was cynical enough to avoid cooperation with a program like this. But, like most, he cares about money more than personal integrity. So you have this. The average viewer would say that this is not programmed programming, simply a sarcastic take on what we conservatives think Obama is really doing.

It's very clever in that way, couching the real message in a false message of sarcasm, but I think I see the true motivation behind the sketch. I found myself laughing at the first few jokes before I realized that they were forming a pattern. Accustomization, at first through harmless comedy, then through drama, then through nonfiction, and finally, physically, at your doorstep.

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