Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Oil Flow Rate Estimate Jumps Yet Again

So now we have gone from 450 barrels per day to 60,000. That's 2.52 million gallons, and that is only what BP and their puppet Soetoro's administration is admitting to. And that's only estimating the flow from the wellhead. What no one is talking about, and what the media are barely mentioning and the government not at all is all the other vents the ROVs have found in the seabed as far as 20 miles away from the Deepwater Horizon site. There could be hundreds or thousands of other leak points, each of which could be leaking even more oil than the well itself -- after all, the well pipe is only partially compromised, so it is throttling somewhat the flow at that location.

I'm no environmental scientist, but I'm going to go ahead and make a prediction that it will be decades before normal levels of fish and crustaceans will return to the areas of the Gulf to which the oil flows. Certainly the ocean currents will protect certain areas by keeping the crude away, but large swaths of the deep ocean and the shallow waters and coastline will effectively become dead zones. And if BP keeps pumping Corexit out of their giant tankers into the water, that will compound the damage by an order of magnitude.

This is the most effective weapon the globalists have ever deployed. Certainly the easiest for the to have done -- one shaped charge at a strategic point on the well, if that's what happened. Or, if you believe Lindsey Williams (who still believes it was an accident) BP simply drilled into a stratum under such pressure that it blew through all their substandard safety devices. I believe that if explosives were not used, whoever ordered the operation knew that the oil would explode through their system. You can't expect to drill through 30,000 feet of earth, with one mile of water on top of it, and not know to expect enormous pressure. And then you have the fact that they declined to put in place an emergency safety that only costs $500,000 and the fact that persons still unknown made "unauthorized" alterations to the safety equipment at depth...

This was all authorized. It was carefully planned out, probably after months of supercomputer simulations to determine the oil rig they could blow which would give them the most bang for the buck, as it were. This will end up causing BP to pay out tens of billions of dollars, but it will have cause trillions of dollars in damage to the people the globalists hate the most -- prosperous, hard-working, gun-owning, largely conservative Americans. So they'll keep ratcheting up the amount of oil entering the Gulf waters every few days, and they'll continue to ensure that that number doesn't go down until every living creature possible has been killed.

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