Friday, June 18, 2010

Air Superiority

Russia Unveils Cheaper, Better Copy of the F-22 Stealth Fighter

Vladimir Rasputin has pulled the curtains back to reveal yet another copy of our most advanced technology. This has happened before. After WWII they took crashed B-29 Superfortress bombers, the planes that dropped our atomic bombs on Japan, and reverse engineered the entire plane, eventually producing their own copies. In the '80s they copied the Space Transportation System, commonly known as the Space Shuttle, producing a vehicle they named Buran.

Now they've copied the F-22, currently the most capable fighter jet in service from any nation. And they say it will outperform our model while being one third as expensive. This I don't doubt -- with any advanced military technology, two thirds of the cost is related to research and development, and only one third is used to actually manufacture the items once the design has been finalized.

So the Russians are always a few years behind us, but that doesn't matter to them, since our government doesn't have the balls to actually use any of our trillions of dollars of military hardware in anger against anyone beside AK-47-wielding villagers in the Middle East. So they hang back, wait until we unveil our new breakthroughs, then have their spies and hackers steal as much of the design as possible. And what they can't steal directly they simply have their own genius scientists improvise.

And Soetoro is cutting R&D for the military rather than either keeping it level or increasing it, as he should do. The reason for this is that most of the world is controlled by the globalists. They have enough hardware to destroy their true enemy, us. Regular people. There's no need to continue to spend hundreds of billions of dollars for new technology. That's why the B-52, which has been flying since the 1950s, is scheduled to keep flying until 2050. That's why our tanker aircraft are still modified DC-10s.

They have no plans for 90-98% of the world population to still be around in 2050. 2030 is more like it. But Putin is not controlled by the banksters, and he knows what's coming in the years just ahead, so he forges ahead with new equipment. I never thought I'd say this, but it might be a good time to start learning Russian and apply for a passport...

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