Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hell Frozen Over

Al Gore Calls for End of Censoring Gulf News Reports

As always, in the rare instances that people I usually am diametrically opposed to do or say something I agree with, I give them full credit here. Al Gore has written on his own blog that the government must stop censoring our media's coverage of the Gulf disaster by denying them access.

If his motivations are that pure, then kudos to Goreleone. However I suspect that Phat Albert wants the full horror to be not only seen but magnified in order that the new carbon tax bill, from which he would become a billionaire, has a greater chance of passing through Congress unscathed.

In either case, I agree with the full truth being made available to the American people so that they can make their own decisions based on the most, best information they can draw on. That might be dangerous for me to gamble on, but even if it triggers crap-and-trade, nothing is more valuable than the truth.

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