Sunday, July 11, 2010

Delay Line

New BP Cap May Take 10 Days To Attach

What a shock -- instead of 2-3 days as they said a few days ago, or the worst-case scenario of 6 days that was announced yesterday, it now will take up to 10 more days for BP to put their magic "Top Hat 10" in place. With oil and methane and poisons flowing unimpeded from below the ocean floor the company manages to continue evading public and media pressure, and fake government pressure to do something.

Do you people realize that everything BP has done so far, besides the largely ineffectual cap they just removed, has actually increased the oil flow rate? Far less was coming out in the beginning than before their first nine Top Hats and all the failed Junk Shots and Top Kills and the infamous broken saw incident. They are trying to let more out, ladies and gentlemen, not fix it. So don't be fooled if, in 10 days or two months or however long they can manage to delay placing the Top Hat 10 on the wellhead it does indeed stop the flow of oil into the ocean.

If there is a giant media celebration that Top Hat 10 was a smashing success and you see BP executives slapping each other on the back in press conferences and Barry Soetoro on TV bragging at how efficient and effective his administration was in controlling the disaster (from Day One, of course) you must not be fooled. Because the oil will continue to flow from the natural vents created by the enormous subterranean pressure that exists in that oil pocket. BP knew when it pierced the earth over that spot that the pressure was such that this situation was inevitable.

This thing can go one of two way -- a silent kill or a loud kill, By that I mean that if the globalists choose to have the new cap appear to be successful and allow the skimmers and oil burning vessels to clean the oil from the surface of the Gulf's waters, you will see a silent kill scenario. The oil will still leak out of the stratum but not from the Deepwater Horizon site. The story will fade as the media's short attention span moves them onto other stories. But all that oil and methane trapped below will still get out over time. The ocean and its wildlife will still be harmed, and the poisons coming from the deep will still get out there and add toxicity to the water and the coastline.

Or, the globalists can have BP's new cap fail, just as everything else they've "tried" to use as a fix has thus far. In that case you could call it a loud kill. Soetoro can declare a state of emergency and openly announce martial law, which we of course are under already, technically. He can then order FEMA to perform mass evacuations in conjunction with the National Guard, and he will probably use regular army and foreign troops in continued violation of posse comitatus.

I don't know which will happen, or even if a third, long-shot possibility might be ordered: an actual stop to the oil flow. I don't believe that is feasible because of the natural vents -- they would have to locate and plug each of those for all the oil to be contained. But the globalists do have incredible technology. Even if that were to occur BP would only do that if their masters had concluded that enough had escaped to accomplish their objectives.

It's a win-win-win decision for them. Actually fix it and the fishing industry in the Gulf is dead for years, and the tourism industry destroyed for this year and probably the next. Billions of dollars in damage have been caused and the Corexit they used will have raised cancer rates through the roof for years to come. Go the silent kill route by their Top Hat 10 stopping the oil from escaping at the wellhead, but with it still quietly leaking from the unmonitored natural vents in the seabed, and they will secretly be able to continue poisoning the Gulf but escape from the media and the people's anger. Go loud-kill and Soetoro gets to test the will of the people against the government, finally get to beta test mass mandatory evacuations and encampment. For your safety, of course.

I'm putting my money on the silent kill. I think, after this continued, prolonged media circus over whether Top Hap 10 will work, they will finally put the stupid thing on top of the well, and for the next few days they will slowly close off valve after valve, diverting more and more oil and methane into the surface ships, all the while wringing their hands in front of the cameras, telling us they're still not sure if the thing will be able to stop the leakage entirely. And when the last valve is close they will have ROVs showing you what you have not seen these last 83 days -- a clean wellhead with clear water all around, and no oil plume in sight.

Then they will be the heroes, at least to the media and the moronic public. BP will pay their fake fines, maybe or maybe not pay the people in the Gulf states who have legitimate claims, and slink back to Britain with their tail apparently between their legs. But the oil will still be leaking from those secondary vents all over the ocean floor on top of the stratum they pierced, and the people of the Gulf and its animal and plant life will continue to be silently poisoned for years, possibly even decades, however long it takes the pressures to equalize between the oil/methane pocket and the water on top of it.

Whichever of the three options the criminal elite choose, their terror operation has been indeed a wonderful success. But they did fail at one of their objectives -- at least so far, the American people have showed incredible restraint and not resorted to mass riots and armed revolt. I honestly believe that this was a secondary objective of their Gulf operation, to provoke such actions and allow them the excuse for a full, nationwide military crackdown. But we have not done that and hopefully the people will not. The banksters will continue to push us to revolt, hoping that we do so before the November elections. It is critical that we remain peaceable and vote the entire Congress out, at least those who are up at the ballot box this year. Then we must push for the impeachment of Barry Hussein Soetoro and the nullification of all his laws, treaties and executive orders as well as the removal of everyone whom he has appointed.

Only then can we start down the long road towards restoring our republic.

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