Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ill Communication

Oil Expert: Well PSI Readings Prove "Static Kill" Failure

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[BP's Senior Vice President Kent] Wells confirmed that fear in the afternoon, admitting that they indeed had 4,200 psi on the well when it’s supposed to be dead. At the seafloor, the well should have no more than 2,200 psi on it… Wells said that it wouldn’t hold 4,200 psi because of “bubbles” leaking out of the wellhead, implying that they are pumping on it to keep it there…

Here's a new wrinkle for you. Tip of the hat to Mike Rivero at for the story. This man says that BP's "static kill" actually failed and, evidently that the company is using continued pumping to trick us into thinking that the well and petroleum reservoir are not in "communication," which I take to mean no longer connected to each other. If this guy's right, it means that what I've been telling you is right. One well or two down there BP's insiders admitted that the well casing is cracked. Lindsey Williams' "Mister X" called it "shattered."

I've never met Lindsey Williams, "Mister X," Mike Rivero, Alex Jones, anyone who works for BP or anyone who works for the federal government. All I know is that at every stage in this Gulf Coast oil disaster, Williams and his sources, Jones and Rivero have been telling you the truth while BP and the Soetoro administration have been lying, obfuscating and spinning like high-speed centrifuges. But more and more, like an imbalanced centrifuge will always do, like a pack of lies almost always eventually does, their official story is beginning to shake itself to pieces, to destroy itself.

I fully believe that the well is or the wells are in "communication" with the massive reservoir beneath the seabed which was loaded at tens of thousands of pounds per square inch of pressure. And that pressure, if we were show the real numbers, would be seen to drop continuously as more and more cracks in the sea floor provide more locations for that oil and methane gas to leak out from. The royal forces could not repair Humpty-Dumpty, and Soetoro's royal forces and Elizabeth's royal forces are powerless to repair the floor at and around survey site MC252.

What they do have the power to do is control the media and thus the way in which you learn about and think of the entire incident. It's been a sham from day one, and the lies have multiplied and worsened in both amplitude and frequency each day since. Soon they will reach such a fever pitch and volume that even Americans who've not paid attention to the scam will realize the fraud. Go look at WhatReallyHappened and view all the videos of the dead fish washing up on beaches along the Eastern Seaboard. Watch CNN reporting underwater oil plumes being churned up by the currents and washing up wave after wave on the shoreline. Watch them take a shortwave-UV lamp and reveal the hidden petroleum hidden in the sand, like invisible ink revealed on a piece of paper.

The well(s) and reservoir are communicating, ladies and gentlemen, and it's not a nice conversation. It's a silly term; I can see the etymological justification but in common parlance comes off as odd. What you call it does not matter -- what it implies for the future of the Gulf of Mexico is frightening to consider. Unless the government gets crazy and admits to the public that the well has not and cannot be killed, and try and are successful in fusing the entire sea floor in that area into glass with a nuclear weapon, there is the very real possibility that the oil and methane deposit will continue to spill into the Gulf from these natural cracks we're all sealing in the seabed.

And, if my insane conspiracy theory has merit, from the non-existing Well B in addition. Planet killer, not at this points. Killer of the economies of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida? I think so. It's already happening, it's just being covered up. I don't know what will happen going forward, but I think maybe we will see a sudden rise in the water temperature above site MC252 a few after the November elections to, say 10 million degrees Centigrade, plus or minus, with brief, gale-force winds in the immediate vicinity.

Whether you believe the "expert" that the well is in communication with the petroleum reserve down below, no one can claim that the government, BP and the media were in honest communication with the poor, afflicted Gulf state citizens. The media are starting to come around, but it takes slow, massive organizations a very long time make such changes in course, just as it does a supertanker or giant cruise ship. We "small people" need to help the media find their bearing -- we need to expose the fraud that BP and Barry Soetoro have so far been largely successful at carrying out. Communicate more with each other, your neighbors, friends, family, local media, state representatives and send letters to your Senators and U.S. Representatives. We are in an Infowar, as Jones calls it. Communication is the deadliest weapon we possess.

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