Thursday, July 15, 2010

Absolute Power

Senate Passes Financial Reform Bill

Well, they did it. Assisted by three verminous so-called Republicans, Soetoro and his handlers managed to get the so-called financial reform bill passed. The Wall Street Journal reports it to be the biggest expansion of government power since the Great Depression. Yahoo! reports the bill to be half the size of the Bible.

First off, Senators Collins, Snowe and Brown should, along with the Democrats who voted for it unanimously, be immediately arrested and tried for treason. I've written about the aspect of bill which personally disturbed me the most, the language which not only allows but mandates that every monetary transaction you make be recorded and stored by the government. But that is a trifle compared to what the bill was primarily designed to do, that simply allows the NSA to build more accurate profiles of us.

What the globalists demanded this bill for was the fact that it gives absolute power over all banking and finance in this country to the Federal Reserve. It allows them to seize any bank, at any time, for any reason. This is designed to allow the government to declare small local banks insolvent, then the Federal Reserve and their partners can take them over. It's about consolidation. The Fed is composed of and controlled through six major banks -- Citi, J.P. Morgan-Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and I believe Goldman-Sachs and the Bank of England.

This financial deform bill is designed to let them gobble up your local banks. And they will. Watch for a rash of "small bank failures" being announced, and how the wonderful bill that the Congress just passed is protecting you by letting the big banks buy the assets of the small ones for chump change. The government has had absolute power over you, now the banksters have absolute power over their industry. There is no longer the impediment of having to pass laws to change their industry toward their liking. Now they can do literally whatever they want just by saying so.

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