Monday, July 12, 2010


Top Hat Ten Now In Place

It appears that BP has successfully lowered their new 150,000lb cap onto the wellhead they had blown up. Over the next few days they will painstaking close a series of valves in the device, each one diverting more oil from the top of the thing, where the oil continues to escape into the water, and up into ships which will capture and/or burn off the mixture of oil and methane. None of this matters, as I've told you, except as a P.R. stunt, because the oil will simply find its way out from the shattered well casing out into the ocean through the vents that it drilled by itself up through the ocean floor. It appears that my bet from yesterday was correct -- if we see story after story of continual, gradual success after each valve is closed, they will indeed go ahead with the "silent kill" scenario. Very sneaky.

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