Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Under Pressure

Government Uncertain on New BP Cap

"The delays were a stunning setback..."

The delay is not a stunning setback if you have been reading my posts. They delay for a reason, and it is not because of their "abundance of caution." Soetoro is delaying so that more oil, methane and poisons from the deep enter the Gulf of Mexico. The media are reporting that 2.5 million gallons are spewing from the well each day that the cap is not in place with the valves set to shunt the toxic mixture up towards the collection and burn-off vessels on the ocean surface.

"Work on a permanent fix, a relief well that would plug the leak with heavy drilling mud and cement, was halted for up to 48 hours as a precaution because it's not yet clear what effect the testing of the new cap could have on it.

Work on the so-called permanent fix was halted because Soetoro wants the Gulf to die. Rather, his bosses do. I doubt that Barry actually any personal animus towards the poor people in those five states, at least towards the "African-American" populations in New Orleans and in Georgia. Barry probably personally wishes that he doesn't have to carry out his orders, but he is being forced to in any case.

The globalists who groomed him from his days at Occidental College to infiltrate the political power structure of our country have dirt on "Obama." They have his birth certificate, which, if released to the public could result in an instant trial for high treason against the United States of America. You know the punishment due. And rumors swirl from Chicago that Soetoro is more likely to be hanging around with Barney Frank than Tiger Woods, if you know they mean. The globalists hold an entire hand of cards which they can use to keep their hand puppet in check. From embarrassment over his grades in college and law school, to the shame of his alleged homosexuality to his possible conviction for treason, they have Barry firmly in their grasp.

Going back to the oil well, it will not be fixed. It cannot be fixed. You read it here first, and not today, but weeks ago. The well is shattered below the ocean floor. It's integrity could best be described as somewhere between Swiss cheese and cheesecloth. No one knows for certain just how damaged it is, because ROVs cannot travel down into the well itself. Even without the tremendous pressure of the geyser, tens of thousands of pounds per square inch, the well itself is only 17 inches in diameter. We don't have mini-subs small enough to fit inside that tiny pipe even if they could somehow travel against the oil flow.

But BP and Soetoro's advisers know that nothing can be done. So we see this ridiculous dance of Top Hats and Junk Shots and Top Kills, all failing, and all actually increasing the flow rate. This is by design. I still predict my "silent kill" scenario of a couple days ago will play out -- I think that BP will successfully complete the charade of closing off the gusher at the wellhead, but that the remaining oil will all leak out from the naturally formed, secondary vents. However, the globalists are so arrogant and also so desperate that they might just go ahead and have BP wreck the entire setup and let the oil continue flowing unabated at the Deepwater Horizon site. Anyone who still believes that the government or BP is actually trying to remediate the situation in the Gulf is delusional.

"Everybody's calling everybody. It's hectic," said Nelson. "Everybody is worried about them blowing the whole thing out. If that happens, there's nothing they can do but let it drain out."

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