Thursday, July 15, 2010

Silent But Deadly

BP Caps Oil Well

It appears that my "silent kill" prediction has come true -- BP has apparently, allegedly successfully capped the well after 85 days, and, if you believe them, no oil is currently leaking from the wellhead. Beside the fact that they're damn dirty liars, as I have already told you, capping the wellhead itself will have little or no effect. Oil is still escaping from the innumerable undersea vents that the immense pressure in the oil stratum has forced its way through. No oil is coming out, supposedly, at the well site but it still will continue from all those other spots in the seabed.

But now, the things that I told you about, which previously were "conspiracy theories" are beginning to be openly discussed in the media. I told you weeks ago that the well casing was shattered and about the secondary, naturally formed vents leaking oil up to 20 miles away from where BP blew up Deepwater Horizon. And I told you of the possibility of a successful cap actually turning the nightmare into an apocalypse by shattering the entire seafloor. Now it's being openly written about. Behold from the article:

The worst-case scenario would be if the oil forced down into the bedrock ruptured the seafloor irreparably. Leaks deep in the well bore might also be found, which would mean that oil would continue to flow into the Gulf. And there's always the possiblity of another explosion, either from too much pressure or from a previously unknown unstable piece of piping.

The sad thing is that the governors of the Gulf states do not know of these conspiracy theories, which really are facts. They'll actually believe BP and Soetoro and Thad Allen that no more oil is leaking into the Gulf. Who knows how long it will be before the Barry's poll numbers have continued to plummet in the 85 days since BP detonated their drilling platform, and the numbers for the Democrats in both houses of Congress are even worse. Robert Gibb admitted over the weekend that the Republicans will take control of the house after the November elections, which infuriated Nancy Lugosi.

If the Demoncats do not retain control of both houses, the globalists cannot pass the rest of their agenda to kill America, and the Republicans, if by some miracle manage to regain control of both the House and the Senate, can begin to actually defund and repeal the liberals' legislation. I believe that the globalists truly wanted to give FEMA the acid test, but that the deteriorating political situation has forced them to postpone their trial. After all, they can perform a false flag at any time, detonate a low-yield nuke or release chemical or biological weapons whenever they wish.

But the fact that Soetoro, Pelosi and Reid, the Turd Triumvirate, are plummeting in the polls at rates never before seen has cause the elite to switch their secondary objective. Now, assuming that the cap stays in place and all the oil from the wellhead is pumped into tankers or burned off, the media can pretend that there are no vents on the ocean floor continuing to leak, and that Barry and his administration were wonderfully competent and pro-active. They are hoping against hope that such a propaganda campaign will somehow convince enough dumb Americans to start leaning towards the Democrats again.

It's not going to work, of course. The only way that the globalists will be able to retain control of both houses is if they commit widespread voter fraud by means of their electronic voting machines. And that is a very real possibility. So for now, at least until November has come and gone, we will be told that no more oil is leaking, and that the cleanup in Gulf is going swimmingly, and that the seafood is safe to eat, and that no, the cancer your 5-year-old just got in New Orleans has nothing to do with their terror operation. It will be a cover up of epic proportion.

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