Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tased, Georgia Style

Woman, 57, Repeatedly Tased and Maced for Having Reported Prowler

It's almost literally every day that we see another example of criminal, thug police tasing innocent citizens. This time the victim was a 57 year old woman who called police in Georgia to report a prowler lurking outside her home. For some reason not evident, the police ordered her into their cruiser. When she did not immediately comply they maced her, then tased her over and over.

Listen to the demonic thrill in the officer's voice when he explains that he wields 50,000 volts and that the victim is "gonna get it again" in his typical hick-sounding southern accent. The police no longer protect and serve the community. They have been transformed into the de facto homeland terrorism agency of the globalists and the federal government.

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