Friday, July 16, 2010


Authorities Order Blog Server Taken Off the Web

It's started, and sooner than I thought. The government, citing a history of abuse, has shut down a Wordpress host server, instantly taking 73,000 individuals' blogs off the air. The alleged reason: "a history of abuse." According to "officials" the site had been a hotbed of activity for the illegal sharing of movies and music. I don't buy it -- who would be dumb enough to post on an open, public blog the fact that they were illegally sharing files? There are far better ways, more secure ways, like torrent search engines and file sharing platforms like Limewire and eDonkey.

In any case this an abuse of the government's newly legislated, fiat power. I'm sure that, even if some people using that server were involved in criminal activity, 99.5% of the rest were not. But instead of ordering the allegedly guilty individuals' personal blogs deleted, they shut down all 73,000. And this is just the beginning. Like everything else the government does on behalf of their globalist masters, it is a test to make sure that there is no significant uproar from the public or challenge in the court system.

It is also acclimating the public to accept such censorship. Information is most powerful weapon we have against the rogue, criminal government. No amount of gun owners can ever hope to challenge the United States military and should never try. The internet was the biggest mistake the globalists ever made. If they had kept the system proprietary and closed after they developed ARPANet in the late '60s, their endgame would already have run its course and we would not be here. 95% of us would not still be here, at least. So now, realizing the mistake they made by allowing cheap computers and internet access to be available to the public, they will try to shut it down. If the so-called Cybersecurity bill goes through Congress and Soetoro signs it, that will be the end of free speech on the internet. This is only the beginning.

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