Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eyes In The Sky

Military to Use Automated Cataloging system for Surveillance Video

The military is turning to the television industry for help on a way to catalog and index surveillance video taken by their drone aircraft in the Middle East. Because they have 24 million minutes of video and no good way to parse them. This technology will not be designed to control the brown people in dirty robes. It will be used to further enhance the government's ability to spy on you once the drones are deployed all across this country. For your "safety" and "security," of course. There are already drones being used by the Miami police department and at least two are being used on the Texas-Mexico border. One more serious "terror" attack in the United States will give Soetoro the excuse to order thousands of units from General Atomics, and then they'll really be able to watch you well.

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