Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Tobacco Smoke Found To Alter DNA In Sperm

Add this to the endless list of the means with which the globalists are poising you to lower fertility. Tobacco smoke has now been proven to mutate DNA in the human body, including in sperm. If sperm are affected in men you can be sure that ova are in women. Any mutagen present in the environment will, by statistical probability, lower fertility and lower the fitness of a species. Mutation is the primary driver of natural selection, but what the power elite have in mind is an unnatural destruction of the human race.

Google and read the articles where you can learn that the British royal family and the rest of the European elites travel with their own supplies of non-GMO food and water which has not been laced with fluoride, mercury and pharmaceuticals. They avoid the water we drink and the food we eat like the plague, because it is deadly. And they cause a decrease in fertility as well as an increase in birth defects and in general lack of heath of babies.

It has been known for over 50 years that cigarettes cause cancer, that the tobacco industry knew this all along, and that they conspired with governments around the world to conceal that fact. Now it has been revealed that not only does smoking mean that you will die sooner, but that your potential children will have less of a chance of being born. And that they will be less healthy if they are born, because only one in a million mutations is advantageous.

We are living in a scientific, technological dictatorial eugenics state. Obviously the globalists, even with their always advanced technology, did not know centuries ago that tobacco was so destructive. Before the advent of modern chemistry, tobacco was just an addictive substance that people got hooked on because it somehow made them feel good. But with the rise of advanced knowledge in organic chemistry in Germany in the early 20th century, they likely knew the potential benefits, in their eyes, of pushing tobacco on the general public. Thus the overblown advertising campaigns in America where all the cool Hollywood stars chain-smoked like there were no tomorrow.

And only recently has smoking become "uncool." I'm actually shocked that enough of the scientific literature has been disseminated to the public for a widespread movement against the tobacco industry to have taken place. When I was a child, every restaurant was smoking-friendly. When I was in college every one at least offered a smoking section. Today it is rare to walk into an actual restaurant that even allows smoking on their patios. It's a good thing that the general public are aware of the cancer danger from cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco. Now that there is a clear link between tobacco and damage to our future generations, there is no longer any excuse for right-minded tobacco users to kick their habit.

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