Sunday, July 11, 2010


Obama Golfs Again As Gulf Dies

Our take-charge president Soetoro is golfing again. But don't worry, he's taken full responsibility for the Gulf of Mexico's demise, whatever that means in practical terms. You see, Mrs. Soetoro is being dispatched to Florida to "get an update" on the situation. Not a team of expert scientists and engineers from around the world, or environmental or medical experts nor marine biologists. Michelle will find out what is going on and how to fix it.

And, once he's done golfing, tomorrow the verminous criminal Soetoro will be meeting with the president of the Dominican Republic. Because that person, whoever he is, surely has great knowledge and insight as to how to fix the Gulf. This sort of insult is a message on purpose from the globalists, directed straight at you. Quite simply, this is the modern version of "Let them eat cake."

The president of the United States of America, an illegal alien agent operating under a false name, installed in the Red House by means of the controlled media and Middle Eastern millions and their effect on a dumbed down, poisoned American populous, is telling you to go f' yourself while you're future is being destroyed in front of your eyes. Only the coward doesn't have the rocks to actually read that off his teleprompter in a press conference, so instead he hides and golfs to get his message out. I can't wait to see Barry in an orange jumpsuit. Or maybe pink jail clothes if he happens to end up in Arizona with Sherrif Joe.

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