Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Oakland Man Throws Toddler Into Traffic

This child needs to be taken away from these "parents" and placed with family who care. Listen to the idiot mother defend the verminous father. I guess it's us "crackas" again trying to oppress the black man. So even though there was a witness to his crime, there's no way it happened like that. In fact it was the opposite -- he was trying to rescue the child from being in the path of traffic. How did she get into such a position is not explained by the genius mother. These people should not be allowed to have children if they care so little for them. But, sadly, what will happen is that the girl will be given to Child "Protective" Services who, in every single state bestow upon their wards the privilege of being sold into rape rooms. Our society is truly rotten and degenerate.

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