Monday, July 12, 2010


Another mindless, liberal Congressman has flied off the handle when questioned by a useless eater, this time one from my home state of Texas. The man cannot even speak English using an accent easily understandable. Of course he wants amnesty for the 30-50 illegal criminal Mexicans. He probably supports the globalists and Soetoro's desire to dissolve the borders between Mexico, America and Canada altogether and implement their North American Union.

This is what the Congress thinks of you. Raise your voice in dissent and they want to slap at you. Mr. Rodriguez, every other Democrat, and 95% of all the Republicans in Congress must be voted out of office in November. Then special prosecutors must be appointed to investigate the members of both parties for all their malfeasance over the last, nightmare decade of Bush's and Soetoro's dictatorships.

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