Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Tale of Two Gulfs

Declassified Papers Show Gulf of Tonkin Was Staged

It was already confirmed and widely known that LBJ staged the Gulf of Tonkin incident, now we learn that Senators at the time knew it as well but chose to hide the true nature of that episode because of "fear of reprisal" from that crooked president and the media. If it is now on record, from Albert Gore Sr. no less, that our government attacked our own military, why is it so far fetched to believe that it would not perform an attack on the Gulf of Mexico when Soetoro was ordered to try to get a carbon tax bill through Congress?

The tactic of false flag terrorism is one of the oldest, most used and most effective items in the globalists' playbook. Hitler burned his own Reichstag down to aggregate power, then he faked a Polish attack against the Germans at Gleiwitz in 1939 as a pretext to invade their neighbor. Our own government, on record, sunk the Maine in order to foment the Spanish-American War, then the criminal Franklin Roosevelt, on record, allowed the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor in order for him to garner a public mandate to enter World War II. False flags have been used time after time, always successful, but now that more people are being made aware of this page in the elites' playbook, they will lose effectiveness. I knew immediately after Deepwater Horizon exploded that it was no accident. Keep your eyes open for more false flag operations as the final phase of the globalist agenda is implemented.

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