Monday, July 12, 2010

Mad Mel

New Audio of Insane Mel Gibson Released

I do not write about "celebrities" because they are unimportant and are used by the globalists' controlled media to distract people from the issues that matter. But I thought I'd take a minute to comment on this because the audio truly stunning. I have never heard anything like this and, while Gibson is a terrific actor you can instantly tell that this is not a performance. It is primal rage directed against an apparently innocent woman, but that's not why I'm writing.

It is because Gibson's words, tone and attitude represent the same frame of mind which the globalists and banksters possess. He is on an insane power trip where he believes he enjoys absolute power and the moral authority to wield it. This is why the global elite power structure believes it can call for the slaughter of 95% of all humans on Earth, actually be putting the mechanisms in place to accomplish that goal within a couple of decades, and still be able to sleep like babies at night.

I encourage you to listen to all eight minutes of this once great actor and director who has clearly gone off the rails. The woman is right -- he does need a doctor and medication. He also needs to go to prison for, say, 20 years. And when he gets out as an old man, no one will remember who he is. Maybe then Mel will adjust his attitude and realize that he is not a God. Mad Max indeed.

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