Friday, July 16, 2010

Double Standard

Canadian Muslim Mother Released After Killing Daughter

Canada is a very sick country, as are all. They, like Britain and France, and as we increasingly see here, have a very serious Muslim problem. So this blimp killed her 14-year-old daughter by means of strangulation with a scarf, and the judge lets her free with only a three year probation period. Oh, and she must attend "grief" counseling, and anger management classes. This is a very sick joke indeed.

The reasons why governments around the world welcome verminous, throwback Muslims with open arms are the same as those which get illegal Mexicans free passes and get-out-of-jail-free cards here. The globalists want these people to flood into the richest countries because they suck off our welfare states, help bankrupt our treasuries, and cause general agitation between the different races and religions. The very least this judge should have done is order this fatass to be banished to whence she came. Instead, after attending her "therapy," she will continue to leech off the Canadian workers. This is a disgusting story and an equally vomit-inducing photo.

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