Sunday, July 11, 2010

Crime and Punishment

Woman, 87, Dies After Being Tased

You are starting to see a story like this nearly every day. I posted about one yesterday or the day before, when a relatively young man was tased so many times he literally cooked to death and his face turned black. This time the victim of overenthusiastic, thug criminal deputies was an woman aged 87 years. I would like to know the exact manner in which she "threatened" them with a gun. That could mean anything. If she pointed a loaded and cocked weapon at one or more of the assailants the yes, they had the right to tase her once. The article does not say how many times the victim was assaulted by the officers.

If, however, the "threat" was the woman holding the gun in her hand but not pointed at the deputies, or if the "threat" was her having it on her lap or next to her on a nightstand, then this was unjustifiable manslaughter. Taser weapons should be outlawed immediately. They are not a non-lethal weapon, as is borne out time and time again. And the people who shot this poor woman should go to jail for 30 years. Cowards, every single one of them.

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