Monday, July 12, 2010

The New Black Panzers

Head of Black Panthers Praises Osama bin Laden

This is from 2002, which makes it worse, but I just ran across it thanks to the Schnitt Show. Watch as the racist head of the New Black Panther Party heaps praise upon Osama just months after he allegedly felled the twin towers and struck the Pentagon. Nice bellhop's outfit by the way, Mr. "Shabazz." Mr. "Shabazz," neƩ Paris Lewis is, as seemingly are all the lowest vermin in this country, a lawyer. If Soetoro and Eric Holder had any interest in cleaning up the filthy racist trash that are the New Black Panzers under their new "hate speech" law, they would all be put in prison. But they never will be while Soetoro, himself a racist, I believe, remains in the Red House.

Watch Geraldo discuss this and then interview the criminal, scum louse on ox:

He is, evidently, a member of the oppressed black, brown and red people of "the Earff." These people are so uneducated and vile they make me want to vomit. I don't live on "the Earff." They can't even speak. Unbelievable.

Or read the wonderfully put-together web page from one of his anonymous black racist friends:

TO know me is to live as i live and dwell as i dwell.I dont have time for foolish unintelligent azz females who dont want nothin out of life but drama. KEEP THAT CRAP TO YOURSELF.I hate crackas deeply and I will never compromise with that,SOOOOO CRACKAS STAY OFF MY PAGE.NOT INTERESTED IN ANYTHING YALL HAVE TO SAY. BLACK PEOPLE WAKE UP AND KNOW THAT WE ARE THE GREATEST BEINGS IN THE UNIVERSE. U WANT TO KNOW MORE HOLLA BLACK AT ME!!!!!!!!"

My mistake -- I thought I was a cracker. I guess I'm not as good of a speller as I had thought. I'm a "cracka." Remember that, fellow racist, oppressive white people. It's "crackas" now. Holla, bitches!

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