Wednesday, July 14, 2010

He Sells Sanctuary

Eric Holder To Refrain From Suing Sanctuary Cities

The verminous, criminal, racist Attorney General of the Unites States, Eric Holder, is suing Arizona while at the same time telling the media that he will not pursue action against sanctuary cities. The very term "sanctuary city" is a media fabrication, an attempt to put a feel-good name on a terrible truth. The cities which are breaking the law and giving shelter to illegal, criminal Mexicans are not "sanctuaries." They could be better thought of as arsenals, because the illegal hordes are weapons being used by the globalists and our own government against us, the lawful, legal citizens of America.

Eric Holder should be arrested and tried for high treason, as should Mr. Soetoro. And if they are found guilty in a court of law they should be given the punishment which our founding fathers prescribed for traitors. There is nothing worse than an enemy within, as Michael Savage has said, and enemies now populate the Soetoro administration at every level. Soetoro, Napolitano, Holder and all the rest are, in effect, foreign agents waging war against the American people. Every single one in his administration, if not actively involved in treason, are at least guilty of conspiracy under the RICO statutes. Anyone working under Soetoro who does not wish to be tried and punished should resign immediately. Those who do not must pay for their crimes.

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