Friday, July 16, 2010

Grocery List

Obama Selects Health Food Czar

Barry has decided that 32 Czars given illegal, fiat power is not enough, so here comes number 33: Mr. Kass, your new Czar of Health Food. I might note that 33 is one of the globalists' favorite numbers, stemming from its connotations in Freemasonry. But that might be a coincidence. I have no doubt that Soetoro will continue to appoint Czars, and that this stop at 33 will only be temporary.

What the F exactly is an "auto recovery" Czar? Is he in charge of finding stolen vehicles? I guess what that is is some egghead friend of Barry or Michelle from Harvard who knows nothing about cars, as the new president of GM admits he doesn't, who has been installed to "save" Government Motors and Chrysler. And do we really need a Great Lakes Czar? A Sudan Czar?

What we have in the Red House is nothing more than a spoiled child who enjoys absolute power, at least up to the length of the leash the globalists hold him by. He can do virtually anything he wants in this country as long as it does not interfere with their plans. So he has 33 of his best friends and fellow travelers illegally in charge of everything from AIDS to WMD. It's a laundry list, no, a grocery list, as I'm sure Mr. Kass, the Health Food Czar could appreciate. The promiscuous John F. Kennedy and his slutty wife had "Camelot" at 1600 Pennsylvania. Barry Hussein Soetoro and Mrs. Soetoro, political whores both, are not as allegedly high-class as the Kennedys were. Barry has nothing close to a glamorous Camelot at his Red House. He has the sandbox in which he plays day after day. And Barry doesn't like to share with us other kids -- he loves to steal our toys and slap us in the face each time after he does.

The government has just announced that, starting in 2014, every American will be evaluated for obesity and that data stored as part of their centralized "health care" database. What you are seeing coalesce here is the government developing plans to demand the citizens to remain within a certain "fit" weight range, and those who are too fat or those who happen to suffer from anorexia or bulimia and are underweight will receive an even lower degree of the standard, sub-standard "health care" that SoetoroCare will provide. That's what Mr. Kass is for. Mr. Kass will tell you how to eat, and if you don't eat the South Leech diet that Michelle and Mr. Kass and Barry want you to eat, you'll be S out of luck if you get sick.

There are only enough resources available, you know, and Central Planning is not interested in taking care of you if your statistics happen not to fit Mr. Soetoro's wishes. You're not in his Five Year Plan. None of us our. But I guess this is fair warning to the overweight and the rail thin -- you'll be the first to be liquidated.

* Richard Holbrooke, Afghanistan czar
* Jeffrey Crowley, AIDS czar
* Ed Montgomery, auto recovery czar
* Alan Bersin, border czar
* David J. Hayes, California water czar
* Ron Bloom, car czar
* Dennis Ross, central region czar
* Todd Stern, climate czar
* Lynn Rosenthal, domestic violence czar
* Gil Kerlikowske, drug czar
* Paul Volcker, economic czar
* Carol Browner, energy and environment czar
* Joshua DuBois, faith-based czar
* Jeffrey Zients, government performance czar
* Cameron Davis, Great Lakes czar
* Van Jones, green jobs czar
* Daniel Fried, Guantanamo closure czar
* Nancy-Ann DeParle, health czar
* Vivek Kundra, information czar
* Dennis Blair, intelligence czar
* George Mitchell, Mideast peace czar
* Kenneth R. Feinberg, pay czar
* Cass Sunstein, regulatory czar
* John Holdren, science czar
* Earl Devaney, stimulus accountability czar
* J. Scott Gration, Sudan czar
* Herb Allison, TARP czar
* Aneesh Chopra, technology czar
* John Brennan, terrorism czar
* Adolfa Carrion Jr., urban affairs czar
* Ashton Carter, weapons czar
* Gary Samore, WMD policy czar

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