Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Gulf Cleanup Boat Captain Commits Suicide

...thus bringing to 12 the number of lives that BP, Soetoro and the globalists are responsible for having snuffed out with their Gulf oil operation, allegedly. There is little doubt that Barry is a sociopath, that he feels no normal human empathy toward others. But I wonder if he hasn't even considered that, if indeed the Deepwater Horizon were blown up on purpose, or if BP purposely used methods which their engineers were literally screaming, swearing at them, telling them that would cause an explosion, I wonder if Barry has thought that he might be an accessory to the crime.

I don't know the intricacies of the law, but it is easy for the authorities to throw the book at someone for being an accessory to murder. Now, I have no way of knowing if Soetoro had prior knowledge of the operation in the Gulf. As I've written earlier, I highly doubt that he was informed what would happen, in order to maintain plausible deniability. He was probably simply given orders as to what he would do at the same time as he received his first briefing after the rig blew or was blown.

And there would be no way in court to directly connect this captain's suicide with Barry's efforts to stall the fake repair and cleanup efforts of BP and the Coast Guard and his attempts to prevent locals from doing BP's and the feds' jobs for them. But people should remember these 12 lives, because they are not often mentioned in the media, though I do credit CNN for an interview with one of the rig's survivors last night, where they did discuss the 11 killed onboard.

There is no doubt that Barry Hussein Soetoro has committed treason on a nearly weekly basis since being sworn in, and there is increasing public suspicion that he is not an American citizen and that he broke the law by running for office under a name which, even though he's used for decades, has never officially had paperwork filed to change to be his legal name. He presided over the U.N. General Assembly in violation of the law. There are so many things he could be charged with...

And I don't even want Barry to face the just punishment that would be due if he were to be given a proper trial on charges of treason and found guilty. I go back and forth, vacillating on that, depending on my anger level each day, but generally, I really don't hate the man that much. He has a (scary) wife and two beautiful daughters that need their father. And when he's not busy destroying the country, he seems like a regular guy that I wouldn't mind watching a basketball game with over beers at a sports bar.

I think Barry has been caught up in the amazing roller coaster ride that the globalists have sent him on, from being a drug using, lazy college kid on scholarship with probably not so high grades, to community organizer, to Senator, to President. I think that his coming from relatively humble beginnings, not being from a family involved in politics, probably not even having been born in the United States, made him a perfect choice for the banksters. He can't believe he's actually in the White House any more than we can. So that's why he does as he's told when orders come down from on high, and that's why he does bizarre things like golfing 39 times already and paying Paul McCartney one million of our tax dollars to sing "Michelle" to Michelle.

But if he had a scintilla of a human soul, he would realize that this isn't a fairy tale or a dream. his actions, directly and indirectly, as in this case, are ruining lives. I've seen numerous stories of men killing their entire families and then themselves since Soetoro got elected, often because of the dire economy that Bush and Barry have given us. He's allowed the Gulf of Mexico to be ruined financially, and guaranteed that the fishing industry will be damaged for years if not decades.

I don't even necessarily care if he is tried for treason. I just want him out of power and gone out of the American collective life forever. I'm not that vindictive on a personal level because he is not the one in charge. The banksters and globalists are the ones who must be tried and possibly executed, not the puppet. Please, Mr. Soetoro, pack up your bags, resign and pick somewhere else to live. And if you want to live here, get in line like everyone else (except the Mexicans) and go through the process of applying for citizenship, if you truly are not one at present. Just go away, for God's sake and for ours. Leave us alone already, you've done enough damage.

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