Friday, June 25, 2010

666: The Number of the Beach?

I don't believe in numerology, but the allegedly Luciferian globalists are said to be very much into the occult. On Hawk's show, he pointed out that the Deepwater Horizon exploded on 4/20, which I already told you is Hitler's and Stalin's birthday as well as Earth Day. In numerology, they add the digits of dates to get that date's "number." So 4/20 is of the number 6. And 66 days after the explosion was 6/24. Another six for the month and a 2+4 for another six. Or add up the whole date and you get 12, which is twice 6.

Like I said I pay no attention to these esoteric things, but that is an awful lot of sixes. I do know that the elite like to perform major operations on dates with important meanings for them. I'm just saying, that's a lot of sixes.

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