Friday, June 25, 2010

Little Boy Peep

10-Year-Old Named Grand Marshal of Gay Pride Parade

This is the result of decades of Communist and liberal infiltration of the education system and the media in America. But you have to read the whole article -- this isn't simply the gays trying make America more tolerant of the NAMBLA type vermin. It's an example of how they have used popular culture to force sex and sexuality and sexual orientation issues on people at ever younger ages. When I was growing up and 10 years old I was interested in Transformers and Nintendo. Now you have middle school kids all over the country sexting each other with pictures, trading child pornography in the cafeteria as if they were trading lunchbox items.

I remember the story related to in this newer article, where this same poor, brainwashed boy refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in school, citing inequality between straights and gays. First of all, that's nonsense -- between the decades of political correctness and the newer hate crime laws put in place, the average straight person treats gays and lesbians with kid gloves, better than they would treat another straight stranger. The gays have managed to position themselves as a kind of superclass, not to be touched by the other 95% of society. They may not be insulted, looked down upon, or told that their lifestyle is against Christian teachings.

Does anyone actually think that a 10-year-old came up with this anti-straight-person platform on his own? Or was it his fathers or mothers who coerced him to refuse to say the Pledge, next time a substitute teacher was there, who wouldn't send him to the principal like his regular teacher might? And who wrote the ridiculous acceptance speech you can watch from Youtube at the end of the article above? Not him.

I'm sick of the gays, lesbians, trangendered, hermaphrodites, animal lovers, pedophiles, and anyone else who prefers a sexual life different to the classic, monogamous, Christian heterosexual way being held on high and exalted as some kind of heroes. It is the typical liberal path that they used -- define yourself as a minority group oppressed by the majority, claim victimhood even if no such victimization has occurred, and use pressure tactics to blackmail the majority into giving you what you want. That's what the left does over and over, and only recently has the conservative community seemed to start catching on.

It won't work too much longer. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have lost their effectiveness. So have Gloria Allred and the rest of the prune-faced, old line feminists. The gay pressure groups are starting to see their rainbows fade. In any case, they should be ashamed convincing a 10-year-old boy to do their dirty work for them.

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  1. The oublic schools are nothing more than reeducation camps.