Friday, June 25, 2010

Who Do You Believe?

Officer Jack McLamb has a radio on GCN, the same network as Alex Jones, so at first you might think he is another "conspiracy theorist." He happens to be the most decorated police officer in Arizona history. You can read his curriculum vitae on his web site. As a military vet, former, decorated police officer, current Arizona state police instructor and FBI negotiator, he has a lot of confidential sources within the law enforcement communities and with the federal, state and local agencies that deal with law enforcement.

He has multiple sources who wish to remain anonymous for fear of their lives, telling him that a team of men dressed in Bureau of Land Management uniforms landed on the Deepwater Horizon two hours before it exploded for a highly irregular inspection. The BLM is not responsible for inspecting offshore rigs in the ocean, that's why it's called Land Management. No, that responsibility lied with the MMS, the people who were appointed by Soetoro, who were busy watching Internet porn instead of doing their jobs (true story, look it up). Of course Barry has renamed the MMS now to a much longer acronym, but that is neither here nor there.

These people were not BLM workers, they have no jurisdiction in the ocean. And you had Halliburton people on the rig at the same time who did not belong, and Anderson Cooper on CNN interviewed Deepwater survivors who said that there were many strange people on the rig that day. It has been in the papers that the captain was replaced at the last minute by one not familiar with the rig, as was the chief engineer. I wrote about this earlier, you can use the search box to find the posts. I wrote about an interview with the engineer in charge of the electrical and computer systems onboard who told of the chief engineer being replaced.

Do any of you really still believe that this was a tragic, unforseen accident by a bumbling company trying to hurry their tapping of this oil stratum by a few days or weeks? It will take years for direct evidence in the forms of declassified documents or criminal court proceedings for those who designed and carried out this operation, but the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.

I believe the BLM team allegedly seen onboard two hours before were there to distract the workers, performing a fake inspection to keep the roughnecks in certain areas of rig. This to allow the team of Blackwater-style special ops men reported by other survivors of the Horizon time and space to carry out their mission, which was probably to plant explosive charges to ensure the complete destruction of the rig and the forensic evidence it would still contain when it would sink to the bottom of the ocean, most importantly the "black box" data and audio recorders on the bridge.

From their own government web site, under the What We Do section, and the Minerals and Mining subsection:
"The Bureau of Land Management leases certain solid minerals, like phosphate, sodium, and potassium, on public and other Federal lands. These lands include areas managed by the BLM and the Forest Service. BLM can also lease these minerals on certain private lands, provided that the mineral rights are owned by the Federal government."

Nowhere on their web site is the ocean mentioned. Their job is to distribute mineral rights on land, manage Federal land, protect wildlife and the like. All on land. Deepwater Horizon was not even in U.S. territorial waters, since the verminous enviro-libs used regulations to force drilling so far offshore. There is no reason for BLM agents to be on that vessel, and so far nothing in these last 66 days since the explosion has given me a single reason to trust BP/Dutch Royal Shell or Barry Hussein Soetoro and his administration.

So do you believe BP and Barry Soetoro, or do you believe Arizona's most decorated law enforcement officer, former military man, currently working for the FBI, and the sources he trusts?

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