Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Red Carpet

Here we have Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis telling the criminal illegal aliens in a paid TV ad that she wants to help them get paid. Complete with a toll free telephone number. The ad is in English, at least this one (surely counterparts ran on Telemundo and Univision) but I'm sure the operators habla EspaƱol. After all, we know who "undocumented workers" are. Probably 95% Spanish speakers from Mexico and Central and South America, along with a relative handful every year from Africa, Asia and Russia and the former Eastern Bloc states.

I have no doubt that Barry appointed this woman specifically because she is "Hispanic." He wants to roll out a red carpet to Mexico, gilt on the edges. Actually a more accurate way to describe would be that Soetoro is building a superhighway from Mexico City to California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. And taking money out of your pocket to give every poor, uneducated Mexican a Cadillac to get here as soon as possible, with as many freebies as possible, again coming directly out of your pocket.

As I wrote before, even that term is literally a government fabrication, created by Richard Nixon's 1970 Census in order to separate "Hispanics" and "non-Hispanic whites" into distinct voting blocks, hoping to get the Latino vote permanently for Republicans, as the Democrats enjoy near total support among blacks. It didn't work as he had planned. One of the ironies of current American politics is that even though most "Hispanics" are highly religious and family-oriented, in other words, socially conservative, they tend to vote for Demoncats because they are always promised something as a bribe.

Another irony, and one which the media desperately hides, is that legal citizens and resident workers of Latino descent are opposed to amnesty for illegal aliens as much as the general population, a figure currently polling in the 80% range. And among immigrants who have gone through the full process, years of work, paperwork, studying and testing, they poll even higher resisting what Barry and Nancy and Harry are trying to do.

The ones who do come here to work I don't personally blame -- the guilt lies with our rogue, criminal government and their controllers. When one takes the lid off of a sugar bowl and leaves it open, naturally lines of ants will stream in and make off with the sugar. But too many do not come here to work, but to run drugs, steal, mug, rape, and murder. 30% of all federal prisoners are illegal aliens. The media hide that too -- I've only heard that from Savage. No one knows what percentage of those in state and county prisons and jails are "undocumented workers," as the federal government has ordered them not to check citizenship status.

The bottom line is this -- the longer our border is left purposely wide open and the government not only allows Mexicans and other into the country unpunished, but in fact actively entices them with free health care, free welfare checks, immunity from arrest in some places like Austin, TX, and things like this toll free help line from Hilda Solis.

If you are here illegally you most certainly do not have a right to work. And you do not deserve to get equal pay. You deserve to have your butt kicked back across the border. And if you return, you should be kicked back out again and the government of Mexico billed one million dollars. I bet if the jackass Calderon from Mexico, who had the nerve last month to come here and lecture us on our immigration policy, received a monthly bill in the billion dollar range, he might not be so lax regarding security on his side of the border.

Time to roll the red carpet back up, America. Build a double-walled fence across the entire border, give illegals who are here a 3 month grace period to tidy up their affairs and move back home, then arrest and deport those who try to hide. We certainly could do this -- the total surveillance grid that the government has set up to use against Americans could be used to detect and track illegals. Especially after they passed the "banking reform" bill, after which every financial transaction you make is recorded -- simply compile a list of people who have paid for things, match it against a list of people with real social security numbers and driver's licenses, and the people who are buying things but have no valid ID get a visit from the local sheriff's office or police department.

Do it in the summer, use school buses to deport them, and employ out of work people from the Gulf as drivers after training them for their CDLs. That's my stimulus plan -- turn off the vacuum pump that is the illegal aliens sucking our treasury dry, and give thousands of out of work Americans jobs finding and deporting those who have broken the law by violating our borders. A simple plan, so logical it will never be implemented. Certainly never by Barry or his fascist, Marxist friends in the Democrat party. Probably never by the establishment, sorry Republican party. But the Tea Party... That is where hope lies.

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