Monday, June 21, 2010

A Simple Plan

BP Knew of Oil Leak Weeks Before Explosion

Yes, they had a very simple plan indeed. One well blown, 11 people killed, hundreds of millions, if not billions of gallons oil in the water, and Barry Soetoro and Congress to pass a carbon tax to make them trillions of dollars. We see through you. I suspected this from day one. It took Alex Jones over a month to come out and say it on air, even though he suspected it immediately as well. Savage has been saying for weeks that they are not stopping the oil geyser or cleaning up what's already out on purpose, and he has said multiple times that he wouldn't put it past the New World Order to have blown the well up directly. Even Mark Levin, who will hear nothing of conspiracy theories, says that Soetoro is stalling on action in order to bring in the carbon tax for his pals at BP.

BP is owned in part by Goldman-Sachs. Goldman-Sachs is the current favorite, criminal bankster empire of the globalists. They all take turns -- J.P. Morgan-Chase for 20-30 years, then Citigroup, then Bank of America, then Goldmine's-Sac. They stand to gain directly from a carbon tax, through whatever BP renames itself after the Gulf incident has done its job.

Goldman-Sachs was the largest single donor to Barry Hussein Soetoro. BP was the third largest. He is literally bought and paid for by both of them, and he is in their thrall and under their control. It was a simple plan, executed flawlessly and still going perfectly well at this point. It should be an equally simple equation for people to follow the money from American citizens' pockets, through the government, and on to BP and Goldman.

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