Saturday, June 26, 2010


Mexican Teen Shot by Border Patrol Was Wanted Criminal

He came here to work... Unless he didn't. The 15 year old Mexican illegal shot and killed in El Paso earlier this month was a wanted criminal, a smuggler of other illegals. Do you remember the hue and cry from the media and from the Mexican communities on either side of the border? They literally almost started rioting around El Paso, screaming about how the racist whites murdered a poor, innocent Mexican in cold blood, who accidentally stepped across the border when he was playing with his friends.

I suspected that something like this was the case -- the Border Patrol, like all of our law enforcement agencies, are under orders to treat illegals with kid gloves. If the teen were throwing rocks at them, a more appropriate response would probably have been to tase him, or avoid the rocks and beat him repeatedly about the face and chest with batons, but once angered, police and law enforcement seem too hasty to shoot with firearms. Nevertheless the vermin was a known criminal, violating the law once again by being on our side of the border, and was assaulting the Border Patrol. You can make the case that it was a bad job by the agents, but I say it was justifiable pest control.

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