Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Under Siege

Mexican Gangs Have Permanent Bases in Arizona

These are the people I write of when I refer to the filthy illegal alien vermin. They were allowed to encamp in Arizona and build their drug-running support bases, and now they outgun and outnumber our own federal agents, the good, low-level ones who are trying to stop them and who are not in on the globalist agenda.

The reason this is the situation in which we now found ourselves is that the government itself is heavily involved in the drug trade. It is a major source of income for black-budget projects. CIA-owned airplanes have crashed repeatedly carrying cocaine and other drugs into the country, or out of their country of origin. The government used the body bags of returning KIA soldiers from Vietnam to smuggle drugs. In 2006 the Army investigated itself for smuggling marijuana into Kuwait. It is practically all but declassified that the government did indeed invent crack cocaine and ship it into the inner cities in the 1980s to hook poor people onto their cheap, new wonderdrug.

I normally would never link to a Wikipedia article as that site is notoriously unreliable, since anyone can edit it, and since it has come out that the CIA and other government agencies employ people to continuously monitor and alter articles should content not pleasing to them show up. But their article, at least as I am reading it now, has a fairly good set of references, should you want to investigate government involvement in drug trafficking for yourself.

So it should come as no surprise that the Mexican gangs are allowed to camp out in Arizona. It sure sucks for the FBI, DEA and local law enforcement the the government allows this, and undoubtedly many are killed each year in skirmishes with these gangs and the corrupt Mexican military and police who routinely cross the border to escort the drugs.

We now have the government illegally flying Predator drones, a military aircraft, within our borders in violation of posse comitatus, except they will try to say that it not illegal, since they may or may not be using trained civilian agents as pilots. That is a matter of semantics -- the spirit of the law is violated even if the phrasing is not. So why do they not send those craft to Arizona, and greet their Mexican friends with Hellfire missiles? Because of that very reason -- they are their allies in the war against America and her people.

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