Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crystal Blue Dissuasion

Obama Removes McChrystal From Post

The child Barry Hussein Soetoro has had his feelings hurt by the hero General Stanley McChrystal. So, on the eve of a major offensive in Afghanistan, instead of having the maturity to simply scold the General, warn him not to engage in such opinion speaking again, and sending him back to the illegal, idiotic one-hand-tied-behind war, Barry fired him.

But it is rumored that McChrystal was not caught off guard in semi-private moments saying things that hurt Barry's feelings, but in fact that the General invited the anti-war freelance reporter working for the anti-war, dying Rolling Stone magazine and spent a month feeding him bread crumbs, hoping for just such an article to be published.

The ludicrous Rules of Engagement that started badly with Clinton were made even worse by G.W., then made even more unbelievable by Soetoro. The military are literally not allowed to do their job. Barry now gives medals not for valor, but for when a soldier refrains from engaging the enemy. So McChrystal had had enough. He wanted out of the illegal war, but had too much honor to quit and retire directly.

So the General, well known as a master of unconventional warfare, sought to perform a special operation against the verminous president of his own. And he succeeded as he always had in the field, when he was in charge of special operations in Iraq for five years. He outflanked Barry, caught him by surprise and Barry did exactly what the General knew he would, knee-jerk and fire him.

General McChrystal just played Rolling Stone and Barry Hussein Soetoro, but neither of them yet realize it. Job well done, sir. Come home and enjoy the civilian life you deserve, the one you fought for 34 years in the Army to preserve. It's no longer your fight over in Middle East. But I hope you will write a book and give interviews to those media who will listen about the way you were constrained by the administrations of Bush and Obowa, and how many good men and women were killed or lost limbs or eyes or faces because of the vermin in the government-media complex. Thank you for your service, General.

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