Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Restraining Order

Goverment Orders Halt To Sand Berm Dredging

Here we go again. This is a story from today, not a rehash of the last time the government ordered a stop to local cleanup efforts. This time the player is the Fish and Wildlife department, citing environmental "concerns," because Jindal and Louisiana are using sand from a "sensitive" area on one side of the big river.

Soetoro's administration is concerned not a whit with the impact from the oil, natural gas, naturally occurring toxins coming out with the oil, or with the Corexit 9500 poison dispersant that BP is dumping into the water as quickly as possible. No, they are only concerned with making excuses to stop anything that will actually prevent environmental catastrophe.

Even the jackass Olbermann on MSLSD is criticizing Soetoro for stopping the people from cleaning up their own local waterways and estuaries, as is AC/DC Cooper. Everyone knows what's going on at this point. I think this entire operation will explode in Barry's face with a force orders of magnitude higher than that which rocked Deepwater Horizon. Hopefully it will be enough to scuttle him and send him to the bottom, politically.

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