Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Scientific Psychics

Scientists Use New Technique to Predict Behavior With 75% Accuracy

I told you about this before but it sounded too fantastic to believe. Now it's in Reuters. Except what the globalists claim they already have is over 90% accuracy, and it's not necessary for them to scan your brain. They use computers to scan your life through financial transactions, cell phone GPS tracking, and reading your email and blogs, listening to your phone calls and tracking your World Wide Web usage. Algorithms compile a behavioral profile for you based on what time of day you start moving, when you stop, where you go, who you talk to or write to and what you say. They record what web pages you visit, with what frequency, how long you stay on each domain, and what you do there. They know what flavor of ice cream you prefer, now that every time you purchase anything at a store with a debit or credit card, it is recorded, via the Democrats fake banking reform bill.

All of this has been done for years, but now you're starting to see the predictable acclimating stories being fed to the media. They don't want to scare you into action with the full truth, so for right now, they want to tell you that they would have to get you into an expensive, experimental brain scanner to predict your behavior. Years later they will admit that have and have been using what I have told you is the case. The globalists are getting you used to the naked body scanners, pain rays, internet tracking and behavioral prediction that are only a few of the legs on the millipede of their total surveillance command-and-control police state.

So be unpredictable. Screw with them. Visit random web sites, email random people with gibberish or pasting text from websites. Buy different things. Take the level of their accuracy down a notch -- it's easy to do.

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  1. Get off the net use a search engine that does not hand over your info to the government. use cash instead of credit or debit cards.