Monday, June 21, 2010

Yo Quiero Arizona

There are so many criminal Mexicans flooding across our unsecured border in Arizona that Soetoro has placed a large area of the state off limits to Americans. So now we, like the East Germans after World War II, are being restricted in one of our basic rights, freedom of movement. But the Mexicans can go wherever they want, because they are a paramilitary arm of the globalist elite.

See the previous post I wrote about him admitting to Senator Kyl that this is on purpose. They want to destroy our economy by means of the Mexicans, they want to enrage Americans to the point where they take up arms against the government, and they want, if at all possible, for a race war to start. Order out of chaos is the Luciferian gloablists' credo. Disrupt everything normal, inject everything possible which could be destructive, throw the entire nation and its people into confusion.

This is why every single day there are stories of the government doing things which, five or ten years ago, we would think of as impossible. It's death by a thousand cuts, winning a boxing on a decision based on landing a bunch of jabs instead of a knockout from a massive uppercut. Knocking us back on our heels, forcing us to backpedal one step at a time.

This is a gambit which will ultimately fail, because doing these things has caused a massive awakening, People who never were interested in politics are starting to put down the Xbox controllers and seek out the truth. We will win, unless the globalists go all out and start a nuclear war or use the military in direct action against the American patriot community. Very dangerous times are upon us all.

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