Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Federal Judge Overturns Obama's Drilling Ban

In a stunning and rare example of a federal judge actually upholding the law instead of either creating it or twisting it toward their own bent, a district judge named Martin Feldman has told Soetoro take his offshore drilling ban and cram it. Thank you Mr. Feldman. Actually, he was somewhat more reserved in his language than I:

“The court is unable to divine or fathom a relationship between the findings and the immense scope of the moratorium,” Feldman said in his 22-page decision. “The blanket moratorium, with no parameters, seems to assume that because one rig failed and although no one yet fully knows why, all companies and rigs drilling new wells over 500 feet also universally present an imminent danger.”

“The court cannot substitute its judgment for that of the agency, but the agency must ‘cogently explain why it has exercised its discretion in a given manner,’” Feldman said, citing a previous ruling. “It has not done so.”

But the spoiled, rotten Barry Hussein Soetoro does not like it when people tell him no. That's a word he never heard directed at him when he grew up and was escorted by simpering liberals all the way through Columbia and Harvard, through the local Chicago scene, then into the Senate and ultimately where he is today. He doesn't like that at all. So immediately he had Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Inferior, inform the press that this ruling is being appealed.

Sorry, Barry. One more slap to the face. Another slap, figuratively, of course, will come in November and then in 2012, assuming you allow elections to be held. You should do the honorable thing and resign while you at least still have a shred of credibility left with the left. It'd give you even more time to play golf...

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