Thursday, June 24, 2010

RICO Suave

Blago: Obama Knew of Quid Pro Quo

The bizarre creature Rod Blagojevich is a gift who keeps on giving. Yes, I had to look up the spelling. He was entertaining in the weeks leading up to and those following his resignation as governor of Illinois, Soetoro's stomping grounds. He went on all the morning shows, the afternoon shows, the evening shows on cable news as well as The Daily Show and Oprah and any other media outlet that would have him, with his strange pompadour hairdo and odd mannerisms.

He is probably guilty and if so should be given the proper sentence, but he is small fry. He may, however, be the key to unlocking the narrative of how Soetoro, his handlers and his minions operated in Chicago to get him, Barry, elected first to the United States Senate and the to our highest office. There was an Axis of Weevils in Illinois, including some that we already know about, such as Rahm Emanuel and Tony Rezko, who is currently at trial himself, and undoubtedly many more of whom we are not yet aware. Blago can unravel the whole criminal enterprise that put this traitor president in power, and who funded the whole thing.

Assuming he actually knows what he claims, and is not fabricating evidence in an attempt to either deal for immunity or a reduced sentence, this could eventually bring down the whole Chicago political mafia. These trials and the investigations which they trigger take years and years, so even if Rambo and Soetoro are investigated, they will be out of power before any possible charges. But get Obama into court as a defendant and we have what we need -- the power of discovery.

Prosecutors could demand his real birth certificate, and demand he testify as to his actual, current, legal name. Because if he were tried as "Barack Hussein Obama" but his current legal status is as "Barry Soetoro" then that would be a technicality which his lawyers might use later on to try to get his conviction thrown out. I think this could actually work, and while it would be too late to stop him from continuing to sign illegal laws and executive orders and appointing the lowest scum of the earth to top government posts, such a finding could lead to the nullification of the things he will have signed and the removal of his appointees.

If this is possible, and if Blago has enough dirt on Soetoro and the machine behind him, I wouldn't be surprised if he either commits suicide by shooting himself twice in the back of the head with a shotgun and then ties lead weights to his ankles and throws himself into a lake, or if he gets one of those out-of-the-blue, deadly cancers that kill so many whistleblowers. Be careful crossing the street, please, Mr. Blago, there are also plenty of black SUVs driving around at unsafe speeds...

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