Thursday, June 24, 2010


Death Threats for Judge Who Overruled Oil Moratorium

The author of the article doesn't speculate from whom the death threats against Judge Martin Feldman came, the man who struck down Soetoro's 6-month ban on American offshore drilling (but not for other countries). I'll tell you who they came from -- the so-called "green" environmental terrorist types. The Earth Liberation Front types. The insane, drugged up liberals who think that we are killing Gaia every time we twist the key in our cars' ignitions and every time a cow belches.

Hitler had his SA, his so-called Brownshirts. Soetoro and Reid and Pelosi have their Greensleeves. Funny how the far left, who claim to be peaceful and to love everyone, are the ones who are responsible for an overwhelming percentage of death threats against politicians, media figures, and anyone else who dares to oppose their views.

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