Saturday, June 26, 2010


Senator Durbin Urges Obama To Appoint Carp Czar

This is the way that mindless, liberal socialists think. For everything there must be an unelected government controller. Soetoro calls them czars, because he is a fan of Soviet-style Communist fascism. Little Dick Durbin, the diminuitive Senator from Illinois, has identified a grave new threat to national security, and it's not from Muslim terrorists, nor from Iran nor Russia nor North Korea. No, the threat does come from Asia, but it's not the Chinese. It's Asian carp. Fish. An invasive foreign species which Dick is terrified will take over the Great Lakes.

First of all, this is a ridiculous thing to make a top priority in this time of danger, with the country being dismantled from within and being threatened by external forces. But Dick's head is not in those fights -- in fact he is part of the wacko left cabal that is doing all it can to destroy America. Remember a few years back, during the firestorm kindled by the media over the "torture" at Guantanamo Bay, when Dick said that American was acting in a way only before seen in the Soviet gulags, or from Pol Pot or other such dictators? This is the same Dick, the same member. Of Congress.

So instead of writing a letter to the fish and wildlife department or the Secretary of the Interior or to a local university who might devise a solution to containing the massive threat posed by these fish, Dick jerks, his knee of course, and demands that Soetoro appoint yet another czar with extraconstitutional powers. The mindset of these Dicks is unbelievable. Instead of using the existing, funded agencies of the government whose job it is to do precisely what he wants, the member wants a czar. Why not? Barry already has appointed somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 of his friends, socialists, Communists, Marxists, Maoists, tax cheats, criminals and other vermin of the lowest order.

Dick needs to settle down and stop being aroused by fears such as the Great Asian Fish Invasion of 2010. Stop being so stiff, Dick. Just relax and you'll shrink back into your normal, mentally flaccid state. It'll be OK. The fish won't get you anytime soon. And stop the spewing from your hole, please. No more comments like George Bush is Hitler or Mao. Just calm down and shut up and wait until the next time you're up for re-election, whereupon you will be voted out of office. Then you can go fishing on your precious Lake Michigan. Unless the killer carp get you, of course.

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