Saturday, June 26, 2010

Right on Time

First Tropical Depression of 2010 Season Forms in Caribbean

Here it is, just in time to disrupt BP's and Soetoro's Herculean Gulf oil containment and cleanup efforts. Look at the track, right past the Deepwater Horizon grave and on into Texas. As I predicted. There is no way to tell at this point whether this is a naturally-occurring storm, if it is a natural storm that will be steered by HAARP, or if was created by HAARP entirely. If it fizzles out before reaching the oil slicks and toxic gas clouds, then it is simply the first tropical depression of the season. If it happens to sweep oil and poison chemicals into Texas, then we can ask questions. Especially if it intensifies into a major hurricane, like Katrina did.

There is much evidence to support a case that Katrina was enhanced and steered by HAARP. Come up with your own Google search terms, it's not hard to find. They kicked it up a notch then diverted it straight into New Orleans, like putting English on a bowling ball they got it to curve in the direction opposite to its natural track just before landfall. Secretary of Defense William Cohen admitted in a speech in the late '90s that weather weapons exist, and we've had them operational since the 1960's. Watch this storm and rest of the hurricane season.

UPDATE: It's the day after I wrote this originally, and it now appears that the depression, which has indeed strengthened into a tropical storm and has organized better, will hit Mexico instead of heading into the Gulf. I have no problem admitting when my predictions are wrong, so instead of deleting this post, I'll leave it up and just say bad job by me. One thing is almost certain -- a hurricane or strong tropical storm will sweep through The Gulf before hurricane season is over and while the oil and poison clouds are still on the water.

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