Monday, June 21, 2010


Obama Tells Senator No Border Control So That Republicans Will Support Comprehensive Reform

Soetoro is no Prince, he's a naked fascist. He told one of the most respected Senators from the Republican side, John Kyl of Arizona, that he will not control our border because he expects a couple of phony Republicans to defect and vote along with the Demoncats for comprehensive immigration deform, i.e. amnesty for the invading hordes of illegal alien criminals. Watch for yourselves:

The White House communications direct then released a statement saying that Soetoro did not say that to Kyl in their private meeting. So either John Kyl is lying or Barry Hussein Soetoro is. Which do you think is being mendacious? I think I know. Barry has lied about everything, including his name, his place of birth, his current citizenship status, and dozens of other items. He is pathological in his lies.

But now we see exactly how he operates, in true Machiavellian fashion. No border control to force some kind of Republican compromise. No Gulf oil cleanup so he can nationalize the oil companies and shove a carbon tax down our gullet. Ths story should be huge. Here we have the illegitimate, criminal President of the United States of America admitting to a senior member of the Senate that he is purposefully not controlling our border. National security is one of the three duties charged to the federal government in the Constitution. Barry admitted that he is purposely being derelict in his duty in order to try to get a policy change that he desires.

This alone is grounds for impeachment and trial on a charge of treason. After decades of appeals, I'm sure. Forget my pie-in-the-sky hopes that some day his real birth certificate will out and that the Supreme Court will nullify all the laws, regulations and treaties that he signed off on, and remove any judges and government officials that he has appointed. This very admission should be enough rope for Barry to have hung himself by accident, in a candid moment, in a private meeting, where his gangster ways momentarily overrode his polished, cool manner.

I'll tell you exactly what happened. His arrogance came out. Mixed with the anger that he is feeling due to his plummeting poll numbers and the near certainty that he will lose control of the House of Irrepresentatives after January's swearing-in, definitely lose his near-filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, and possibly lose control of both. He is spinning his wheels in a desperate attempt to shove through all the rest of his socialist, fascist agenda as ordered by the banksters, but he's losing traction. He got his crown jewel, health scare, passed by the thinnest of margins, and that was only made possible by multiple bribes. Barry's scared and ticked off at the same time that his true nature has become obvious to all but the most oblivious, both in this country and around the world.

Barry let this little gem slip out, and it's too bad that Kyl did not have some kind of recording device. I don't know if D.C. is one of the areas in which you are required to notify a person that you're recording them... If Kyl had caught that on tape it could have spelled the end for Soetoro. It still should, but I doubt the Republicans will have the balls to impeach him. I wish they would. That's why we must elect the most conservative, originalist members possible in November, not beltway insiders but regular people like you and I. Ex-military, doctors, nurses, teachers, small businessmen. Real people who care more about the idea of America than about their own personal aggrandizement. It can be done but it will take much work to educate enough of the dumbed-down public to do so in the few months before the elections.

Yes, the wheels are indeed starting to come off the Hope-and-Change bus. Sorry Barry, you done screwed up!

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