Monday, June 21, 2010

Rambo: First Dud

Rahm Emanuel Expected To Quit After November Elections

The rats are beginning to jump off the sinking ship that is the Barry Soetoro administration. Rambo is denying it now, but I wouldn't be surprised in the least. Rats, like any animal, have an instinct of self preservation which overrides everything else. Word is that Rahm wants to be mayor of Chicago.

Barry has been going down in the approval/disapproval polls almost every single week since he was installed. His approval rating has dropped more quickly than even Mr. Peanut's did, which is saying something. No one at all wanted the bankster bailout, no one except union workers wanted him to nationalize the G.M. and Chrysler, 60% of people didn't want his health scare deform, and no one except for blind, diehard "Obama" supporters think he has done anything positive after the Deepwater Horizon was blown. Now Barry is trying to push crap-and-trade, amnesty for illegal Mexicans, internet censorship, National ID with spy chips embedded, and he wants to nationalize the energy sector of our economy.

In other words, Barry is doing everything that we who bothered to pay attention to his background knew he would, and nothing that the idiots who voted for him thought he would, based on his empty campaign promises, like getting us out of the illegal wars that G.W. started. And Rahm knows that public anger is at a level not seen in my lifetime, probably not even in his. Maybe it was like this during the civil rights struggle and Vietnam war towards the end of that debacle, but I wasn't around then. People have finally gotten a stark dose of reality -- that more government means less freedom, less money in their pockets, less opportunity and more restrictions. The big-government lapdogs that voted for Soetoro now find that they have shorter leashes, and they realize that it was their own fault.

So even moderate Democrats are abandoning active support of Soetoro. November for them will probably be like the last four years for conservatives, who were so disappointed with the largely false-conservative Republican candidates that were on the ballots that they were not energized to get out the vote. If they can't bring themselves to do the right thing and vote for conservative, constitutionalist candidates, hopefully they'll go for the decent alternative and simply stay home, not voting at all.

And Rambo knows this, so he's getting out. This helps to explain why he hid like a coward in Israel for three weeks during the Gulf oil disaster and after the bizarre episode involving the Israeli military and the Turkish "relief aid" convoy for the Palestinian swine. Except for the watergun fight he had with Joe Biden, Emanuel has literally been unseen and unheard from for nearly six weeks, until yesterday when he went on some of the Sunday lib media shows to defend Soetoro's handling of the Gulf incident, which has largely been composed of golfing, drinking Bushwhackers and hosting parties.

I also suspect that Rahm, being a dual citizen of Israel and the United States, and being a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces, doesn't want to be in the White House when Israel is finally forced by Amadjihad to attempt to take out Iran's offensive nuclear weapons facilities. Soetoro has been very anti-Israel, in my opinion, since day one of his residency, excuse me, presidency. This might have come as a surprise to Rahm, Barry might not have been anti-Semitic before he was installed, but then his bosses might have kept ordering him to bow to this leader, send more aid to the Palestinians, cancel the bunker-busters we were supposed to sell to the Israelis, etc.

I don't blame Rambo for having split loyalty, but I do blame Barry for choosing as his top aide a person whose loyalty to this country is compromised. He should never have been given that position. But he got what he wanted out of it -- he went from being an obscure member of the House of Irrepresentatives to being a widely known face, at least to people who watch the news instead of America's Next Top Model.

He won't be the only one to abandon Soetoro's Titanic, now starting to take on water in the Gulf of Mexico. Just today another, more obscure one of his appointees announced his own resignation. Because everyone Barry has surrounded himself with are rats, and rats can swim. They'd rather chance it on their own than let Barry drag them beneath the waves along with himself. Good call, Rambo. Get out while you can.

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