Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Executive Disorder

Could Obama Grant Amnesty By Executive Order?

Why not? Soetoro is acting as a de facto dictator already. He has signed more executive orders at this point in his term than G.W. did, yet you don't hear the controlled media bleating about it like they did back in Bush's administration. I'm sure he'd prefer to buy off a couple of senators like he did to get his health scare bill through Congress, but if they won't cooperate, then sure, the spoiled infant president we are stuck with will probably do it on his own, in spite of the will of the American people.

If this happens it would solidify my theory that he is being ordered to attempt to stir up an uprising of the citizenry against the government. There is simply no other explanation for such a blatant violation of the Constitution. Most people don't even realize that the ridiculous "anchor baby" provision the illegals use to get their meathooks into our society is not even in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. It is part of the 14th Amendment, adopted in 1868 as part of Reconstruction. So it is not what our founding fathers envisioned. Its purpose was to ensure that black people would be considered citizens and given the right to vote after the Union won the Civil War.

Barry is doing a damn good job at the two primary duties to which he was assigned by the globalists -- to kill our economy and to foment revolution. We are doing a damn good job so far at strongly resisting through peaceful means. Our fight must stay in that arena. Because his administration is truly is disarray. You hear Rahm Emanuel to quit after the elections, Peter Orzag resigned, General McChrystal was quoted indirectly by Rolling Stone essentially saying that Barry doesn't know his butt from a hole in the ground, Ahmadenijad is offering to clean up the Gulf oil since Barry won't... Yes, our exalted boy-king is losing at everything he tries, now that his golden veneer has been washed away.

So will the brat give 30 million illegal, criminal aliens citizenship by fiat? We can only wait. Then act.

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