Sunday, June 27, 2010

Byrd's Dropping

Byrd Illness May Endanger Wall Street "Reform"

I was debating whether or not to post this story, because while I often speak of the vermin whose policies and actions I despise, I rarely feel the sort of personal, vindictive hatred against them as human beings with lives and families. In other words, I don't wish them pain or death, I'd rather they just go away on permanent vacations to other countries and leave us alone.

I didn't feel glad when Ted Kennedy finally died of cancer, one of the worst ways to die. I didn't feel the kind of almost demonic hope that liberals and leftists and the Soetoro crew feel every Dick Cheney is hospitalized, as he is today. So no, I don't wish Robert "KKK" Byrd to die. But I do hope he remains unable to reenter the Senate chamber to vote on this monstrous so-called Wall Street "reform" bill.

I actually have mixed feeling about Senator Byrd. The man is from another era, literally, so I can't expect him to change his liberal ways. He was born during World War I, joined the Klan during World War II, then was quick to distance himself from that group of racist losers when he decided to run for office. He is the longest "serving" Senator in the history of this country. He is a mixed bag. He voted for partial birth abortion murder and against the proposed amendment which would have banned flag burning. But he also supported the impeachment of Slick Willy and was on of only three Demoncats with the spine to oppose Barry Soetoro's appointment of TurboTax Timmy Geithner. He also had the cojones to speak out again Barry's creation of his army of Czars.

So no, I don't want Byrd to pass on, though he well may at age 92, from whatever illness is not being disclosed. You can bet the Democrats don't care at all for the man himself, probably less than I do. At least I have a modicum of compassion for my enemies. To him, Byrd is just a vote, just a number, a disembodied "Yea" or "Nay" for whatever illegal or immoral laws they wish to pass or oppose. While the timing of his hospitalization is unfortunate for Senate Democrats, just before they try to pass their ridiculous banker empowerment bill, Harry Greed is probably actually hoping that Byrd dies, so that they can finally install a younger, less controversial yes man or woman. One who will do as he or she is told 100% of the time, instead of occasionally having the courage to break with the pack.

I hope he recovers, but I hope that one way or another, this bankster bill dies in the Senate. This is the one written secretly by the banks themselves, just as the health scare deform bill was written by the health care industry, all while SoetoroPelosiReid pretended that the bills were designed to punish the banks and the big health care companies. This is the one that right out in the open says that every single purchase and financial transaction you do will be recorded at the point of sale and transmitted to the government to be stored in databases. For your security and wellness, of course... What? What does the government knowing everything you spend money on have to do with your wellness? It's just another brick in the wall, building their panopticon piece by piece. This is a big piece.

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