Thursday, July 1, 2010


BP Claims Boss Says No Money To Illegals

This is a true curiosity -- illegal aliens actually being denied free money for once? I'm betting this Feinberg will be getting a call from one of Soetoro's Czars about this one. It's stunning that someone with power over the $20 billion fake reparation fund would actually think about following the law, but I guess BP's already in enough hot oil-and-water already:

“Of course,” Feinberg said. “Required by law. I can’t violate federal law."

“Federal law says I’ve got to follow the law governing immigration,” Feinberg said. “I’ve got to follow the law governing the Internal Revenue Service – people who get a check for wage loss – 1099."

“That’s the law of the land,” Feinberg said.

I honestly can't figure this story out. If they really are going to deny payouts to illegal criminal vermin, why make it a media story? But CNS News is a conservative outlet, so if they simply caught Feinberg with the question of illegals' claims, and the story doesn't appear in the liberal media, there's the answer. Or it could be to try to rile up the illegal hordes to an even greater extent. The tense rift between illegal criminal aliens and we natural born citizens and our legal immigrant friends has never been stronger. The economic drain placed upon this country bu the uncontrolled flood of illegals coming across from Mexico has been unbearable for years, but with the additional economic implosion caused by Soetoro and BP, tensions in the Gulf Coast region have to be at a boiling point.

There really is no reason for Mr. Feingberg to worry about our laws. Our own government doesn't, and Congress themselves are, by their own fiat law, exempt from each and every law that they pass to enslave the rest of us. Not even "Barack Obama" worries about laws. But whatever the case, it would be nice if, for once, aid goes to the legal American citizens and immigrants and not to the globalist army of Mexicans here illegally.

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