Friday, July 2, 2010

9 to 5

Feds to Take Weekend Off in Gulf Cleanup

There will be no cleanup effort this Fourth of July weekend, because the Coast Guard will be closed, so no permits can be issued. Did you hear this? During the greatest emergency our country has faced, the government will go by their usual 9-to-5, five day a week schedule. It's enough already -- the states affected by BP's terrorist operation must ignore the federal government and clean up the mess on their own. If the Coast Guard or BP's private security army down there tries to stop them, local sheriffs must arrest them and place them in local jails for the duration of the cleanup. If necessary, the governors must order their states' National Guard in to prevent the feds from preventing the locals from cleaning up their waters.

There is absolutely no doubt at this point that the entire Gulf disaster was a planned event, designed to destroy the region, and that Barry Hussein Soetoro is complicit in the operation. "Obama" could order the Coast Guard to keep its offices open over the weekend, but he won't, because he has been ordered to keep the oil gushing for as long as he possibly can. They are really pushing for an armed rebellion, pushing harder and harder every day, it seems. I hope we can avoid that, but ever day you open Drudge and it's one slap in the face after the other.

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